Muntele Escu

* In the same time that the second "Pierdut" series were in the streets, "Mount Escu" first showed up in Brasov. Then in Sfantu Gheorghe and later on, Timisoara.
** "Muntele Escu" (Mount Escu) is about.. all of it. Really, I'm tired of saying and thinking about this over and over again.
*** You'll do the thinking.
Ciordeala is the noun for the verb "a ciordi" which means to steal, to jack. Ciordeala is a national sport practiced every day and every night. There are various forms for "ciordeala" and those who don't practice "ciordeala" practice for sure other sports like "manareala".
Some details. Looks way better printed.
* Again, many reactions got out from this one. I remember a guy talking about this poster over the phone, he had a strange voice, as he seemed to be amazed of this.
** Too bad I only did one big size poster. As I found out that a lot of ad light boxes were opened and standing there for you, I hijacked one with my big "Mount Escu" and took the ad poster as a souvenir from Brasov.
*** More photos as soon as I have them.

* Promo video of "Mount Escu".

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