Second year of I.S.A.F. (International Street Art Festival) in Timișoara, new invitation for me.
My last year's work is still up there, getting noticed and putting a smile on my face everytime I see it.
This time, the Festival was held indoors (inside of a Mall complex) and some outdoor places.
2012 is the end of the world. As I post this work, there are 68 more days till the end of the world. Supposedly, by some "scientists".
My thoughts are somehow different. In the future, what if on a life supporting Mars, history will repeat itself. Dinosaurs become extinct.
Will an asteroid or our highly developed planet will do that? Who knows?

The truth is out there.
Because the location itself was overloaded with people, all of us got more or less feedback from people of all ages. Important stuff.
The walls were very good, near to canvas resemblance, so details On!
Second edition was slightly better than the last one.
New friends, cold white russians, good time.
Thanks to Karm, The Fly, Vasile, 2efs, Roxana and all the ones that made me smile, or not.

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