Grolsch. Street art on can

In May, Grolsch launched a new beer can in Romania (The G-can). (read more)
The unveiling of the G-can and of the G-can Island took part in 5 major cities with the help of 6 street artists.
So, I was commissioned to take part in this premiere, along with Ortaku, The Fly, Shao, Cage and Ariciu. (read more)

Experimentalist also interviewed me some months ago.
You can read it here.
I chose to go in Brașov, it's a great city if you didn't know.

The G-can Island is a wall made out of 512 G-cans.

It was quite difficult even to make a straight line, because of the cans.

Using a special water-mixed spray paint, it's obvious that the colors where a bit faded. Even so, it was daring enough.
Thou I was not 100% satisfied of the result, a lot more people were happy of the wall outcome, even the company.
Pictures taken, questions asked and so many fucking people had mistaken me with the hypermaket staff! "Hey you, "artist dude", where can I find the tomato soup?".
Later I went to hit the city with some wheat pastes and then "home", in a hotel.
Nice weather, cool experience.

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Anonymous said...

Frumoasa lectura, si foarte interesanta! Great job, well done!