Mădălina Manole pop art

Didn't see this one coming, right?
Well, you'd better read it.
I did listen to Mădălina Manole and kinda like it, but this happen when I was a kid with no idea what music industry was about.
Her inexplicably suicide made me curious on documenting real famous romanian artists and their life's turning point, for some time.
Sadly, we have a lot of this cases and we quickly (a maximum of 4 years) forget about their talent, dedication, hard work throughout their lives. While you read this, her official website is still down.
Because I started this a year ago, Mădălina Manole was the first artist from my series, commemorating 2 years since her death.
A very interesting fact that I've discovered is the similarities between Mădălina Manole & Marilyn Monroe.
So, 2 years, 2 stars, 2 young to die.

1. Their star names are both begining with an "M", 2 words counting and phonetically close.
2. Both commit suicide.
3. Both of them had a beauty mark (mole) on the same side.
4. Mădălina Manole was known as "Fata cu părul de foc" (The girl with hair of fire) for her hair color.
5. Marilyn Monroe was also famous for her "platinum blonde" hair.
Cancer zodiac (constellation).
Carbofuran (molecular formula).

Mădălina Manole was born under the Cancer zodiac (red), the toxic substance "Carbofuran" (pink), all these elements end up on a 13 number, plus her, 14 (the day she was born).
Close up.
Inspired by Andy Warhol's pop art work, I've made a tribute poster for all this story.
The poster has 100x70cm in size, on an expensive 220gr black paper, signed, dated and numbered (only 2 were made).
She deserves to have a star.

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