Cut Me Two


*personal sayings & life quotes
**never underestimate the power of scissors


New Breed: "urbanus zebra"

*In one day, you'll hear this:
"mom: Sammy, what have you learn today at the kindergarten?
sammy: they told me about the urbanus zebra!
mom: about what?
sammy: it's so cool! can I have one? just one..oh please!"
So be prepared.
Humanity involving in nature. A new breed of zebra.


The Lamp

  • with: enamel paint
  • colors used: black, orange, purple
  • handpainted by The Orion
  • available on: buytheorion
*for more information about "The Lamp", please visit buytheorion


Cut Me (2D, 3D and The Idea)

*cartier PECO, str. Libertatii, str. Victoriei

thanks: Eugen

The Idea

*old personal postcards
**cut to remember