public relations

* ”Public relations” (Relații cu publicul) showing Băsescu as a prostitute.
** 2 m high. With his afro hair.
*** Lasted a couple of hours, until someone ripped it off in pieces.
**** The only photos that I have.


win & lose

* Art Stars 2011 is a major art event by Polo Jeans Co. throughout Europe, where you have to make a proposal inspired by Americana imagery through your own practice, using different sort of mediums such as painting, stenciling, photography etc. on their 120 cm 3D wooden star covered with their own denim.
** One of my 2 submission, named ”Colors”, was the winner of the contest, together with other 15 winning artists, out of 70 works from artists within Europe.
*** All selected artists will receive € 1000 cash, + € 500 for the material costs, each. A week long in-studio session in another country, with a camera crew and with a mentor from last year event.
**** The sad thing is that later on they disqualified me for being in Romania. A big achievement and a great lost at the same time.
***** More information about my star here.
”Colors” - my winning Art Star submission.
The front/sides/back of the star, with the references that inspired me.
The long waited news.


contest poster

* Bumbac100 asked me to do a digital poster for their contest, that will be screen printed, together with 5 other designers from Romania.
** This is what I made, using only 6 colors (some of the colors were mandatory).
*** They made a really good job in printing them. Soon there will be a making of movie with my poster.


Evolution of Art

* Didn't had the time to post this at the right moment, but here they are.
** Evolution of Art in an abandoned place, Timisoara.
*** Thanks to Noxer. Good guy!

An old swimming pool.
Enter Underground.
Homeless bed.


watch this

* So, in The Box were some special watches I ordered from UK. You can't find them in Romania.
** Minimal yet fun to wear.
*** You can buy them at the price of 50 LEI / each.

* I'm still working on Sando toy and some other things. Soon you'll be able to see them.
** Also in your spare time look at some cool stuff over here > TNT this'n'this < or on the right side of the blog.
*** Cheers!

Watch functions: 2 buttons, time, date, second counter. Tear resistant.