Short Trip to Home 2

*as i promised, 2 paste ups in Tulcea

*IAX was with me all day long..


Short Trip to Home

Tomorrow mornin'.. yet, too early for me.. i'm going back to my old town, just for a few days. 2 i guess. Hope i will have some time for some paste up there.
P.S. IAX will be waiting for me!


Stencil for Citizenship

Stencils for an ONG ..or something

*in a pub, Bucharest 2009
**Me and The Monk

Sunday's Paste Up

A month ago, on a gloomy sunday.. The Monk and I..

*fo those who wanted to be with us.. great panorama views


The Crisis *shoots

*Some "not so nice" shoots from Musma Gallery.
**Other photos here
***Lucky for you* *(3 or 4 dudes), i have saved the divine for the last.

*When packing..
**A screenshot at the beginning, and what came out.


The Crisis

At last, my work has arrived in Belgium.

*more info here


Brussels Mail

I've just wrapped a package to Musma Gallery, containing 2 works from The Monk and me. Tomorrow, the package will be on his feet all the way to Belgium. Together, representing Romania! ..ah haha, what a lame jape. See us there.


On the run

Yes I know, even till now, no F real post. From friday I am on a short vacation to my hometown. Alone. Cheers..!


Best F Brand Name

Today, I was giving my soul out for a flyer. When the company ask me to put their logo on it ..like.. FTW?! I never heard shit like that. "VulturulTurboMecanic".. ahaha ha *(The TurboMecanicEagle). Asses! Made my day!


The Orion seen on MiceSpace

Long time no post.
This blog is 99% done, has got a favIcon, but something is still f missing.
Anyways, i am working at a project basicly named "5", still on sketch, and.. my new official MiceSpace page is myspace.com/bytheorion
F Cheers.



Still working on this blog.. better like it.
Made for 1280 x 800 screens.