Gagarin's 50th anniversary stencil

Last week I was at the first edition of The International Graffiti/Street Art Festival in Timisoara, where MadC, Omsk167, Caparso and 60+ romanian graffiti writers and stencil makers had over 6 locations to make some art.
Besides some organization problems, those 3/4 days were full with activity.
New friends, nice weather and a good turn out for me in this festival, as I got the best and hard to reach location, after I was left without a wall and some materials.

* On 12 April 1961, after Yuri Gagarin became the first human to journey into outer space, he said "I don't see any God up here", quote that remained in my mind for some while.
** In 2011 with the occasion of his 50th anniversary, this festival and my 7th year of stencil making, I decided to make a tribute to him. It's obvious for you to know now that I have a passion for astronomy.
*** Because I was expecting a bigger wall, I had to adapt on to this one, so details and some special effects were not made, due to the late notification and the difficult access point that led to days with serious muscle pain. Even so, it was a real pleasure to spray this on half of the bridge's length.

* Snaps with the location and making of.
** Thanks to MC and Noxer for these photos.

* The free film "First Orbit" was made to mark 50 years since Yuri Gagarin climbed into his space ship and was launched into space.
** More about the film here.
*** Enjoy it!

* The Fly, Moon Patrol and Ache77 made some good job over there, despite the unfriendly walls they were given to work on.
** More photos from the festival here.
The Fly
Moon Patrol


Muntele Escu

* In the same time that the second "Pierdut" series were in the streets, "Mount Escu" first showed up in Brasov. Then in Sfantu Gheorghe and later on, Timisoara.
** "Muntele Escu" (Mount Escu) is about.. all of it. Really, I'm tired of saying and thinking about this over and over again.
*** You'll do the thinking.
Ciordeala is the noun for the verb "a ciordi" which means to steal, to jack. Ciordeala is a national sport practiced every day and every night. There are various forms for "ciordeala" and those who don't practice "ciordeala" practice for sure other sports like "manareala".
Some details. Looks way better printed.
* Again, many reactions got out from this one. I remember a guy talking about this poster over the phone, he had a strange voice, as he seemed to be amazed of this.
** Too bad I only did one big size poster. As I found out that a lot of ad light boxes were opened and standing there for you, I hijacked one with my big "Mount Escu" and took the ad poster as a souvenir from Brasov.
*** More photos as soon as I have them.

* Promo video of "Mount Escu".


Pierdut Speranta

These last couple of weeks I saw Brasov, then went to Sfantu Gheorghe, Tulcea and back to Timisoara.
Brasov was more then great to me. Only 2 days and 2 nights I stayed there, but while wheatpasting the city I saw a lot of great places and views, with the help of a good friend, Alexandru Solomon. Thanks!
For me, Brasov is a heaven of wheatpasting and ad campaign hijacking. No shit..
Then is the feedback coming from all sorts of people, good as well, same as in Sfantu Gheorghe during the Anonimul Festival, as I found.
So, guess I'll come back sometime soon in Brasov. Cheers!

* Evenimente in Brasov did this.
** Thanks!
When pasting these two, a group of tourists walked by me. As they saw it, one of them said: "Oh, yeah, this is the President of Romania. He lost!".
Almost immediately after I post it, tourists stopped, ripped off the years and took photos of it. 
* Just a few photos. That's all I have right now.
** More of them soon, I hope.


Pierdut Viitor

Almost a week ago, during two nights, I've pasted up 3 series of posters throughout Timisoara.
From what I've seen, people caught up the message easily, even laughing and taking one piece with the years representing Traian Basescu's presidential candidacy, day by day.
When pasting up, I've come across some people that stopped and said with a smile on their face "I can't believe what I'm seeing! Finally some true! Good job..". A lot of reactions.
Oh.. and the best part, that's only half of my stash.

* "Pierdut Viitor" (Missing Future) is a raw movie that I did for myself, later on decided to post it on the web.
** This is the Romanian version of my "No Hope, No Future, No Progress" work.
*** I had to revisit this one cause that's the right way to do.

* Some recorded stuff during the "making of".
** Wish I had someone with me, filming the reactions when people saw these posters.

Optiwall illusion

* Testing some new method of stenciling for a new project.
** The image will take shape at over 7+ meters
Canvas detail.



Sandorion is here

* At last, Sando, the urban toy that Eldercut Toys gave it to me is finished!
** I was delayed by some problems, mixed paint, arranging the triangles on the toy shape etc. so I had to do/redo the toy 3 times.
*** It's covered with aluminium foil, ~600 mirror equilateral triangles (4 mm wide each!), one of my special electronic watches (from UK - with time, date, second counter), glow in the dark paint, real transistors and much more.
**** Sandorion was inspired by Daft Punk, specially from "Electroma" movie. It's really cool when you are playing with lights on it, because of the disco ball face and body. Also to watch in the dark, the electronic circuits on the back of the head.
***** You can buy it from Eldercut Toys, here.



un triangle

* Celui-ci est un triangle. (This is a triangle.)
** Inspired from René Magritte "Ceci n'est pas une pipe." (This is not a pipe.)
*** Lightbox hijack in Timisoara.


public relations

* ”Public relations” (Relații cu publicul) showing Băsescu as a prostitute.
** 2 m high. With his afro hair.
*** Lasted a couple of hours, until someone ripped it off in pieces.
**** The only photos that I have.


win & lose

* Art Stars 2011 is a major art event by Polo Jeans Co. throughout Europe, where you have to make a proposal inspired by Americana imagery through your own practice, using different sort of mediums such as painting, stenciling, photography etc. on their 120 cm 3D wooden star covered with their own denim.
** One of my 2 submission, named ”Colors”, was the winner of the contest, together with other 15 winning artists, out of 70 works from artists within Europe.
*** All selected artists will receive € 1000 cash, + € 500 for the material costs, each. A week long in-studio session in another country, with a camera crew and with a mentor from last year event.
**** The sad thing is that later on they disqualified me for being in Romania. A big achievement and a great lost at the same time.
***** More information about my star here.
”Colors” - my winning Art Star submission.
The front/sides/back of the star, with the references that inspired me.
The long waited news.


contest poster

* Bumbac100 asked me to do a digital poster for their contest, that will be screen printed, together with 5 other designers from Romania.
** This is what I made, using only 6 colors (some of the colors were mandatory).
*** They made a really good job in printing them. Soon there will be a making of movie with my poster.


Evolution of Art

* Didn't had the time to post this at the right moment, but here they are.
** Evolution of Art in an abandoned place, Timisoara.
*** Thanks to Noxer. Good guy!

An old swimming pool.
Enter Underground.
Homeless bed.