Pierdut Viitor

Almost a week ago, during two nights, I've pasted up 3 series of posters throughout Timisoara.
From what I've seen, people caught up the message easily, even laughing and taking one piece with the years representing Traian Basescu's presidential candidacy, day by day.
When pasting up, I've come across some people that stopped and said with a smile on their face "I can't believe what I'm seeing! Finally some true! Good job..". A lot of reactions.
Oh.. and the best part, that's only half of my stash.

* "Pierdut Viitor" (Missing Future) is a raw movie that I did for myself, later on decided to post it on the web.
** This is the Romanian version of my "No Hope, No Future, No Progress" work.
*** I had to revisit this one cause that's the right way to do.

* Some recorded stuff during the "making of".
** Wish I had someone with me, filming the reactions when people saw these posters.

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