* last night seemed to be a good one, so i finished this "self drawing"
** nebula clouds, constellations, triangles, myths, thunderbolts.. naming just a few stuff i like

* the constellations that i draw are visible only during the winter months
** the season when i was born

* "it's not until an artist finds his obsession that he can create his most inspiring work and where he get's his obsession from it doesn't really matter. it can be another man's painting. it can be anything" - ...

off> in the second week of august, i will be at the International Movie Festival "Anonimul" in Sfantu Gheorghe, Tulcea. ..relaxing and stealing the good and inspiring mood from nature. cheers to all of you!


N O N O T H I N G.

* i've created these ones because i can't stand living with f idiots anymore
** if in USA Obama inspires Hope, Progress and Change, well, here it's the opposite
*** my old saying was true. "a coutry where with 1 Leu and 1 idea, you're dead. Romania"




* first edition of 3 canvases
** 45 x 55 cm, with spray paint, stencils and some hand painted details
*** if you are interested, email me at bytheorion@gmail.com. yes, they're for sale.

* some details
** this is the beginning. i won't stop here.