∆ out

selected out/side stuff.

2012> "En Electric" commissioned mural for ENEL Timișoara
2012> "Dinosaucers" mural at I.S.A.F. Timișoara
2012> "TypeSpace" commissioned mural for Typopassage Timișoara
2012> "Să Trăiți Bine!" 3 new series of posters for "Nights Off Brașov +"
2012> "Să Trăiți Bine!" hijaked ad posters from "Nights Off Brașov"
2012> "T.I.F.F. hijacked poster ad" in Cluj Napoca
2011> "Gagarin's 50th anniversary of space flight" stencil at FIG Timișoara
2011> "Muntele Escu" Ad campaign
2011> "Pierdut Viitor" (Missing Future) 3 series of posters
2010> "Evolution of Art"  >click to animate
2010> "Enter Under Ground"  >click to animate
2010> "The rEvolution of Art" at StudentFest Timisoara
2008> "Lose Yourself"
2008> "The Orion paste up"
2008> "Cut Me Two"
2008> "Cut Me"
2008> "Summer stencil session with IAX"
2008> "hi5N1 virus mania" on a highschool with the most hi5 ratings
2008> "RATZ Hotel" from Ritz Hotel
2008> "Stop HIV, WAR"