Sandorion is here

* At last, Sando, the urban toy that Eldercut Toys gave it to me is finished!
** I was delayed by some problems, mixed paint, arranging the triangles on the toy shape etc. so I had to do/redo the toy 3 times.
*** It's covered with aluminium foil, ~600 mirror equilateral triangles (4 mm wide each!), one of my special electronic watches (from UK - with time, date, second counter), glow in the dark paint, real transistors and much more.
**** Sandorion was inspired by Daft Punk, specially from "Electroma" movie. It's really cool when you are playing with lights on it, because of the disco ball face and body. Also to watch in the dark, the electronic circuits on the back of the head.
***** You can buy it from Eldercut Toys, here.