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selected in/side stuff.

2012> "Fata cu părul de foc" limited edition posters
2012> "The new G-can" commissioned by Grolsch, on 512 G-cans
2011> "Optiwall illusion" canvas
2011> "Sandorion" Custom urban toy for Eldercut Toys
2011> "Colors" Ralph Lauren Art Stars selected artist
2011> "Opel Corsa New Skin" screen printed contest poster for Bumbac100
2011> "Watch This" 5 unique watches
2010> "Triangl - 1st prize" t'shirt stencil contest at PARTYleria Cluj Napoca
2010> "Impossible Cube" Cubee Toy contest Singapore
2010> "Dotty wallsticker series" sticker designs for Wallsticker.ro
2010> "100 unique stickers" giveaway
2010> "self" self drawing
2010> "No Future, Progress, Hope" canvases  >click to animate
2010> "The rEvolution of Art" exhibition at Carturesti Mercy Timisoara
2010> "black & white" 3D canvas
2010> "tri▲ngl it" day/night poster  >click to animate

2009> "Lose Yourself" Stencil for Citizenship an N.G.Organization Bucharest
2009> "The Crisis" at Stick Me Hard! 2 Musma Gallery Belgium
2008> "imagination" STNCL XHBTN expo at Mora Gallery Bucharest