En Electric

Just when I.S.A.F. Timișoara 2012 (International Street Art Festival) was done, I received a phone call regarding a commissioned project for ENEL. Big one.

Press article about this project on ZiuaDeVest & other websites.

It is about "City of Energy", held in a few places in Romania: Bucharest, Timișoara and Constanța.
Alex Baciu and I represented the whole west side of Romania: Timișoara.
Oh... and both of us were born in the east side of the country.
After two months, we finally got started.
~ 100 sq meters to paint, walls up to 5 meters high, over 175 meters of paper tape, every possibble kind of weather: sun, wind, rain, snow, either day or night, 10 days of hard work, a bit over 13.000 photos taken and the good old luck.

The whole project reveals the energy.
During the day in our houses, cities, world, very important to a human being, and by night, when the forces of nature amaze us and our very own creation power, energy and inspiration, thanks to... electricity.
My inspiration came from industrial signs for electricity, the color spectrum of thunderstorms, lightning bolts and their massive power.
Didn't thought I would work in that time of the year, but it was a real joy and a pain in the ass at the same time.
Learned a lot from this unique experience.

Happy holidays and a great new year!


Senph42 said...

Great work, especially for this time of the year! Keep rockin'!

The Orion said...

@Senph42 Thanks mate. It really was hard work, but none gets so easy...