6(sick) stickers for 6 people.
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** thanks Brigi!
*** cheers!


sando / orion

Cheers to all of you!
The long'awaited collaboration with eldercut guys is finally in my hands. Lots and lots of ideas for this toy are going to be made with some "cool" and pre'ordered materials. Be sure you check this out later, more info then.
"prepare to be blown away"
"too smart to be talented."



* new photos from PARTYleria event, a couple of weeks ago.
** thanks to ARTileria Association and those who took the photos.


First Prize!

Last week i've been for some days in "Clujaleh". Very nice town indeed.
Catched a few days with good weather, made some stencils nearby and joined an art event with some contests in it.
That event was PARTYleria.

Stencil Design contest it was!
After 3 hours of cutting and spraying in front of people, i've took the First Prize!

* the only good photos that i have
** the cute gal on the right is Brigi Boo.
*** special thanks to her, for helping me out and many other things!

* her t'shirt
** multi layer stencil design

* outdoor stencils


100 % 100

* 100 unique stickers at U-Man's eS Game of Skate
** 100% hand -made, -painted, -written
*** with my finger print on it. can't get more unique than this.

* 1 stencil, 100 uses.

* Clash is my favourite spray can.

* if you want one, send me an email at theorion@stencil.ro and we'll work it out.

* funny how some people need those god damn stickers!


explore this

* last night i though of this. so, here's a sneak before i leave tomorrow. that's what i'm going to do next.
** in these 21 years after the communism regime, some things don't vanish. this is one of them.
*** as you see, the new expensive logo for our country says it all. and it seems to perfectly merge with the old cigarette brand "Carpati".
* way better than the leaf.
** it has our deer, mountains and the much debated pine trees (instead of the simple leaf).
*** oh.. and yeah, it's ours! damn right!
* just because every f year was hard.
** just like those cigarettes. in Romania, life's like a hard to smoke cigarette.
*** you can buy "Carpati" and explore our Carpati. without a filter.



* last night seemed to be a good one, so i finished this "self drawing"
** nebula clouds, constellations, triangles, myths, thunderbolts.. naming just a few stuff i like

* the constellations that i draw are visible only during the winter months
** the season when i was born

* "it's not until an artist finds his obsession that he can create his most inspiring work and where he get's his obsession from it doesn't really matter. it can be another man's painting. it can be anything" - ...

off> in the second week of august, i will be at the International Movie Festival "Anonimul" in Sfantu Gheorghe, Tulcea. ..relaxing and stealing the good and inspiring mood from nature. cheers to all of you!


N O N O T H I N G.

* i've created these ones because i can't stand living with f idiots anymore
** if in USA Obama inspires Hope, Progress and Change, well, here it's the opposite
*** my old saying was true. "a coutry where with 1 Leu and 1 idea, you're dead. Romania"




* first edition of 3 canvases
** 45 x 55 cm, with spray paint, stencils and some hand painted details
*** if you are interested, email me at bytheorion@gmail.com. yes, they're for sale.

* some details
** this is the beginning. i won't stop here.


Δ >▲ [release]

as i was saying earlier this year, i finally got some time to release the "TRI▲NGL IT" poster over the web and at some expo i showed you. i will continue to make this stuff until i gather enough works to exhibit somewhere.
till then, enjoy these photos made by Toma Moisii

* short making of.. all it's hand drawn, cut, paste and paint. i've used an iPhone app to make those seamless equilateral triangles. had some catalogs from Mercedes-Benz, Mitsubishi, TNT clothing, Panasonic, Sharp, Bang & Olufsen and Pioneer to play with. there are 2 color samples of glow in the dark paint that i will use on the next stuff.
* There is a pattern in this world. made by triangles.
no, not cubes. you know that you can obtain an isometric view of a cube with only 6 triangles?
colors, are visible only through a prism. a triangular prism.
it's in our dreams, sounds, maths, miths and life.
Triangle it yourself.
** if you are interested in this print, contact me.


Student Fest

* this year's theme was "The rEvolution of Art", with artists from all over the country.
** we had a big, long wall and lots of people looking around, Dan Perjovski and a good weather.
*** too bad that it wasn't well organized as it should be.

* two posters that i did with my work theme, for the event.

* the stencil was almost 6 x 1,3 meters.
** Ionut, me, Kero and Chill merged our stuff, obtaining this trip.

* Rhodix and George made some nice stuff

* even two paste ups were made by my friends.

* some raw panoramas made by me
** also you can view more of them here
*** or you can read some local newspapers about this event