"I was born in a small town, in eastern Romania. nothing really happens there, except for fish.. so, with my wish to travel and the passion to make stencils, I gradually moved to west on my own. now, after a few years through this country, I'm in the opposite place, Timisoara. I don't know whereto or what I'm looking for, but I sure enjoy searching it."

"my first ever stencil was made in '04, from pure creation. I was looking to make the same stuff that i drew, over and over again. after a while, my best friend told me that "this" has a name, and it's called "street art". "amazed"> that's me when I saw all the things that you could possibly do with it. from this point on.. my perception and imagination caught life." 

"it's not until an artist finds his obsession that he can create his most inspiring work, and where he gets his obsession from it doesn't really matter, it can be another man's painting, it can be anything.. art it's all about finding the paint'job that turned the donkey into the zebra." 
"it may cost you some money, but it will save your soul."