Nights Off Brașov +

This year, Romania has a lot of film festivals going on (some of them are new).
"Să Trăiți Bine!", is a presidential campaign of Băsescu, 8 years ago and still no idea of what he meant.

It's like an awarded movie that since 2004 should hit the box office in Romania. Unfortunately, it's canceled till 2014. The main role is still casting.

Planning the new series actually started months ago, a few days before the violent protests in Bucharest and then in the country. But since I wasn't in the middle of the real action, I left those ideas sketched, for another time.

Real T.I.F.F. poster ad. (Cluj Napoca)
Coincidentally or not, that time arrived along with T.I.F.F. (Cluj Napoca) held almost in the same time with my second trip to Brașov, and luckly it had a great poster ad... to hijack again. Similar with my new series.

Hijacked poster. (Death on the window)
Been there, done that. It was really easy to do that, people thought I was part of the staff. A late one.

Some of the awards are from two romanian televisions that "helped" Băsescu and his campaign.
Official sponsors & partners.

Again, good feedback, "stolen" posters, a serious tan and very nice friends & chicks over there.
I've also done something for FatzaDA Festival Brașov, you might seen it on my Twitter. Anyway, about this and other stuff in a later post.

I want to thank Alex de la Gârcini, Ame Forestlady, George Roșu and Camelia Valuch (main role in "Destin '89" movie) for their help.


Nights Off Brașov

A year ago I've made and wheatpasted in the streets the "Lost" (Pierdut) series.

It was prepared only for Timisoara, but since its huge feedback it rapidly extended to Brasov, Sfantu Gheorghe, Tulcea and surprisingly for me, some of them survived from all of the romanian expressions.

Now, being pissed off by 2012's election campaign in the last month, it becomes clear that a new series has already caught the smell of paint spray.

It was nice that most of the mayors accepted that their posters would be hijacked. Great bastards!

First one is Brasov.

Couple of shots with one of the hijacked posters two weeks ago.

Teaser for an upcoming short.

Soon more stuff.