Typopassage TypeSpace 2012

At last, I've got some free time last week to get this project sorted out and up on my blog.
Typopassage Timișoara is a micro museum located in a public space, dedicated to graphic design and the art of shaping letters. It's the first international extension of Typopassage Vienna initiated by the genius Ovidiu Hrin and Bauer Konzept & design.
You can read more interesting things about the invited designers from 2012 edition and see how this mind blowing newspaper was made and it's multiple uses here.
In 2011, TPTM launched the Typ'O'wall - a 28 sq. meters graffiti covering the entire wall of the passage, with concept of the artwork related to typography. Thus, last year's subject "TypeFace", was brought to life thanks to my friend "Jones".
Now, in 2012, I was the lucky one.
Commissioned to rethink and paint the wall by the nature of it's subject, "TypeSpace", I've tried to do my best.
During that month, in may, the weather was shit.
It tooked me almost 5 days to paint this huge and pretentious wall, and all that time it was really cold and ranining.

Hard work. It was all about putting my balls at work.
Design, the list, cutting, repaint the wall, resolve on-the-way problems, cut some more stencils, swollen hands, sleepless, paint the wall, time crunch, drink a fucking beer.
All that time, Carabet Ovidiu was following every move I made, every step I took.
More than 8 hours a day, 5 days in a row, standing there and capturing a few thousand photos so this clip could be made. Great work and a big thanks to him, also.
(Right now I'm developing a new project with his help, that's why I'm on a delay on posting things here.)
The portraits belongs to the fathers of typography, each one having it's own constellation on this space themed wall.
Although without hard and dedicated work, you cannot achieve something good, it was that kind of experience that you'll hope on someday, you will get the change to live it again.
Thanks for all the wise words & this opportunity Ovidiu Hrin and all Synopsis Media staff, Stefan Lucut, Caius Mersa, D'Arc, Ovidiu Carabet, U-Man and all the ones that appreciated my work and didn't tried to destroy it.
The entire panorama should be seen at it's full resolution, by downloading it.
More photos from the event can be seen here.


Mădălina Manole pop art

Didn't see this one coming, right?
Well, you'd better read it.
I did listen to Mădălina Manole and kinda like it, but this happen when I was a kid with no idea what music industry was about.
Her inexplicably suicide made me curious on documenting real famous romanian artists and their life's turning point, for some time.
Sadly, we have a lot of this cases and we quickly (a maximum of 4 years) forget about their talent, dedication, hard work throughout their lives. While you read this, her official website is still down.
Because I started this a year ago, Mădălina Manole was the first artist from my series, commemorating 2 years since her death.
A very interesting fact that I've discovered is the similarities between Mădălina Manole & Marilyn Monroe.
So, 2 years, 2 stars, 2 young to die.

1. Their star names are both begining with an "M", 2 words counting and phonetically close.
2. Both commit suicide.
3. Both of them had a beauty mark (mole) on the same side.
4. Mădălina Manole was known as "Fata cu părul de foc" (The girl with hair of fire) for her hair color.
5. Marilyn Monroe was also famous for her "platinum blonde" hair.
Cancer zodiac (constellation).
Carbofuran (molecular formula).

Mădălina Manole was born under the Cancer zodiac (red), the toxic substance "Carbofuran" (pink), all these elements end up on a 13 number, plus her, 14 (the day she was born).
Close up.
Inspired by Andy Warhol's pop art work, I've made a tribute poster for all this story.
The poster has 100x70cm in size, on an expensive 220gr black paper, signed, dated and numbered (only 2 were made).
She deserves to have a star.


Grolsch. Street art on can

In May, Grolsch launched a new beer can in Romania (The G-can). (read more)
The unveiling of the G-can and of the G-can Island took part in 5 major cities with the help of 6 street artists.
So, I was commissioned to take part in this premiere, along with Ortaku, The Fly, Shao, Cage and Ariciu. (read more)

Experimentalist also interviewed me some months ago.
You can read it here.
I chose to go in Brașov, it's a great city if you didn't know.

The G-can Island is a wall made out of 512 G-cans.

It was quite difficult even to make a straight line, because of the cans.

Using a special water-mixed spray paint, it's obvious that the colors where a bit faded. Even so, it was daring enough.
Thou I was not 100% satisfied of the result, a lot more people were happy of the wall outcome, even the company.
Pictures taken, questions asked and so many fucking people had mistaken me with the hypermaket staff! "Hey you, "artist dude", where can I find the tomato soup?".
Later I went to hit the city with some wheat pastes and then "home", in a hotel.
Nice weather, cool experience.